Thursday, July 14, 2011

Long update

Wow! I really fell off the posting wagon, huh? I’m so sorry it has been months since my last post. Mark said people would probably think he died since I stopped posting, but I assure you, he is still here. :) We’ve had some fun adventures since December, but I think I’ll just post right now about the medical stuff.

Mark continued to do really well on Chemo. His numbers each week were good and he wasn’t too sick from the medicine. He was getting more and more tired and had little energy. He was a little sick to his stomach, but not too much. Considering how terrible so many other people feel on Chemo, we knew he was doing good.

The doctors lowered his anti-seizure medication since it had been so long since he had a seizure. He was doing fine on it, but he said he felt a little “off”. It wasn’t something he could really explain. After a few weeks on the new dosage, he had another seizure. The doctor upped his dose back up and he said he felt “normal” again and he didn’t have any more problems.

He continued having MRIs every 8 weeks and checkups with his doctor every month. Everything looked good. The MRIs were always clear and his checkups were always great. The right side of his body has continued to be a tiny bit weaker than the left, but hardly even enough for anybody to notice.

As he continued with Chemo, he felt a little sicker and a lot more tired. He was falling asleep really early each night and just had very little energy. Finally, it was time for him to stop taking the Chemo. A few days after he stopped taking it, he had a perfusion MRI. I wasn’t too nervous about that one because he had not been off of the Chemo long enough for the tumor to grow more. However, they did find a little spot they were going to watch. It was an area where cancer cells were beginning to “wake up”. The doctor said she wasn’t very concerned about it, but that she would keep an eye on it.

As time went on, Mark started feeling much better. He got back a lot of energy and has been able to stay up later at night and do more with the family. Carter loves to play basketball with his Daddy and Mark has been able to go outside and do that more often. Everybody has been happy around here with Mark getting closer to being back to “normal”.

Even though the doctors don’t act too concerned, I have been very nervous about the areas where the cells are waking up. Then, this morning, Mark had a seizure in the shower. :( I called the doctor and they said to just watch him and let them know if he has any more. A little later he had another episode, but it wasn’t quite a seizure. He felt like he was going to have one, but he was able to calm down and one never fully manifested. My friend was here to pick up the boys for me so Mark could get some quiet time, and I came back out after that 2nd episode and just started crying as she hugged me. It just breaks my heart to see Mark going through the physical parts of this stupid cancer. :( After taking a medication to calm his nerves, he got a little sleep and said he feels much better. He is actually doing some work now (which I told him to not do) so I think that means he does feel a lot better. He is sore from the seizure this morning, but other than that he seems to be doing well physically.

He has another perfusion MRI in a little over a month, and I’ll be really nervous for that one! I know God is taking care of us and is in absolute control, but I love Mark so much and I can’t imagine my life without him, so I can’t help but be at least a little bit concerned. Please continue to pray for our family and ask your friends and family to pray for Mark as well. Thank you so much!

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  1. Hi Becky - Glad to see another update - I do check every so often! I'll be praying for Mark and the cancer cells to go back to sleep or even better, just die off! I think about y'all a lot and I'm so impressed with your faith. I hope today is a great day!