Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy (almost) 4th of July!

We just got home from a fun night at some friends house. They had a cookout with a bunch of people and all the kids played and the adults visited. I made a new friend too. She and I had a nice talk and found things we have in common and found out that one of her kids and one of mine are in the same grade at the same school! She is really sweet and I got her information so that we can have some playdates in the near future. We were able to see the big Frisco fireworks show from their backyard. It was good to see and the kids had a BLAST running around with glowsticks and seeing the fireworks going off. It was just a really good night.

We had another blessing yesterday when we got a call from the research nurse at MD Anderson telling us that everything was approved for Mark to start the clinical trial. Since it is a randomized study, they put his name in a computer and then it tells them which combination of medications he will take. He was picked to take all 4! My feeling is that it gives him the absolute best chance to eradicate that tumor! :) We do not have all of the details yet of how much of each medication or how often he will take them, but we are expecting to get that and for him to start on it next week. We do know that he will be taking the increased dose of Temodar (Chemo) for 7 days on and 7 days off for a year. In addition to that, he will take Accutane, Celebrex, and Thalidomide. We are pretty excited for him to start this trial.

In other news, Colin has been asking a lot of questions about God. He had a real struggle for a while after Mark was diagnosed. While we had to be away from home for 6 weeks, he really had a hard time dealing with his emotions and started questioning God. Since we have been back, he has gotten much better about that. He started praying again with no hesitation and started talking about how much he loves God. He tells us a lot that he loves us more than anything, except God. He says, “I love God more than you guys” :) It’s very sweet. Since he started asking more questions about having a relationship with Jesus and about baptism, we told him he could come to “big church” with us. So, we are planning on bringing him in with us to the service tomorrow. I am excited about that too. We are so very thankful for the many blessings Christ has provided us through all of this and I cannot imagine how difficult all of this would be without our relationship with Him.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful July 4th holiday!

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  1. Hey Becky - I pray for you guys each time I see a facebook update from you and I went back and read your past couple blog posts.

    I remember 10 years ago hanging out with y'all on the 4th in your drive way and lighting sparklers! Time has flown!

    That is wonderful news about Mark getting to do so many of the drugs for his trial. I wonder why Accutane is one of the drugs - I took that 5 times for acne!

    I pray this next year is as uneventful as possible and that each time you post it will be with positive news.