Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MDA follow up

We are leaving Houston now after a LONG day of waiting! I am attempting to do this update on my iPhone while we are on the road. (Don't worry, I'm not the one driving). Mark had his blood drawn and had an MRI last night. Before his MRI, we got to see a friend that we made last time we were here. She had surgery the other day, so she was here for that from Ohio. It was good to get to see her again. Mark's MRI was scheduled for 9 last night, so we were at the hospital pretty late. While Mark was getting scanned, his dad and I sat in the waiting area. I try so hard to "keep the faith", but sometimes it's just really difficult. I had so many "what ifs" running through my mind and I was feeling scared and lonely. I couldn't keep the tears from falling. Since it was late, they were closing up the front waiting area and moved us to the back. I sat next to a man who told me that he had visited with Mark back there before his scan. This man's wife also has Glioblastoma. It was good to talk to somebody in the exact same situation as me at the exact same time as me. God always provides what we need- that's a huge blessing! This morning we met another friend (I posted about her before- she and her husband live in Frisco and she is at MDA for radiation treatment now) and her sweet mom for breakfast. We had a good visit with more tears and laughter mixed in. We talked about how we are so grateful for God's love and grace that even if our miracle on earth is not provided, there is a much better place awaiting Mark. I have been really struggling with the reality of this cancer lately. I want to be prepared in case my desire for Mark to live is not God's will, but I want to remain faithful and full of hope and peace. After breakfast we went to the hospital to wait for Mark's appointment time. There was some problem with the computer system, which caused Mark's doctor to run a couple of hours behind. It was a lot of waiting we did today. We finally were called back and we met with several different doctors. We were not able to see Mark's MRI because of the computer problem, but the report said there was no change from before treatment. That is good news! A HUGE blessing! We talked about his treatment going forward. He is going to do a clinical trial that will last for a year. Mark will take an increased dose of Temodar (chemo) for 7 days on and 7 days off for a year. Then, he may also have up to 3 additional medications to take as part of this trial. I will do another post soon to give all of the details about those meds and how they are supposed to work. The doctor gave some encouraging stasticics regarding MDA research and Glioblastoma. He said that they have seen 2 times the amount of people with GBM, living 2 years, and tenfold the amount living 10 years!! That is the most encouraging thing we have heard so far. Mark doesn't normally like to hear about numbers, but he loves hearing news that good. Since he doesn't want to know the normal prognosis, I can't post about it here, but you can look it up online and see just how amazing that 10 year stat is! So, we are ready to get going on his treatment again and see what other amazing blessings God brings to us. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!


  1. Wow, that is good news that is there no change. I pray for y'all every time you come to mind. I can't imagine what you are walking through. Praying you feel God's presence like never before.