Monday, May 24, 2010


Today was an amazing day! We were able to be used by God to help to bless somebody else today and it was wonderful! It feels so good to know that God wanted to use us to give a little encouragement to a family that needed it. We have been blessed beyond belief these last couple of months, and we know that God can use any situation for good. Here is how it happened…

We got an email this morning about a couple that attend our church who are in Houston right now for the wife to undergo brain surgery to remove a tumor in her left frontal lobe. This is the exact place that Mark had his tumor. The person in the email asked us to pray for this family, but Mark and I both immediately felt the Holy Spirit telling us that we needed to go see this family and talk to them to give them some encouragement and let them know that we are praying for them. Mark had radiation treatment this morning and then had to go have his blood taken for labwork. When that was finished, we found out where the surgery waiting room was, asked where we could find the family, and approached them. Looking at this group of people waiting anxiously while their wife/daughter/sister/daughter-in-law/friend was having brain surgery brought back so many memories of waiting while Mark was in surgery a couple of months ago. We introduced ourselves and told them our story. Mark showed them his scar and talked to them about how he felt after his surgery. The doctors have already determined that her tumor is malignant and they are planning for her to do chemo and radiation, so Mark also told them about his experience with treatment so far. We told them that we will continue to pray for them and asked if we could go see her when she is recovered enough. We were able to answer a few questions for them based on our experience, and traded information. Mark and I are looking forward to keeping in contact with this sweet family and getting to know them even better. They keep a blog also, and Mark checked it this afternoon and found that they posted about our visit and how much it meant to them. They were amazed that God sent us at just the time they really needed it. I know they felt blessed, but we were so very blessed by meeting with them to.

We still appreciate all of the prayers that everybody has been sending up for us and ask that you please continue to pray for Mark’s healing and that God will continue to use us for His Glory. Please pray also for this family that we met today that God will heal this young lady, give her family peace, and give them many blessings too. Thank you God for your wonderful ways!

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