Monday, May 17, 2010

2 weeks left in Houston!

Mark is almost done with treatment here! Just 2 more weeks of radiation. Then we get to go home!! Mark will have 4 weeks off from chemo, and then he will start it again and continue taking it for a year and 6 weeks. He will also start on one of the clinical trials after we get back home. We praise God for how well Mark is doing with his treatment. His scar from surgery is healing up nicely. Radiation is causing him to get a little pink (like a sunburn), and to lose his hair in the areas where the beams go through his head. (I’ve got a picture, but Mark won’t let me post it) We have some good laughs about his hair. He is so silly. He will walk around with his head tilted and say he’s trying to make his head feel even since his hair is so lopsided now. :)

He has been getting really tired lately. That is caused from the radiation also. He has to rest a lot and needs to take naps pretty much every day. For about a week, he lost his sense of taste. Unless it was something really spicy, he just couldn’t taste any flavor at all. That is getting better now. He has had NO sickness from the chemo. He takes an anti-nausea medication about 30 minutes before he takes his chemo and then he goes straight to bed after taking the chemo pills. This has worked great for him since he hasn’t even felt a little sick to his stomach. That’s the thing that most people are amazed about.

On Mondays, Mark gets his blood drawn. We don’t know what all of the numbers mean when we look at the results on his online page, but we know they are okay since they haven’t called him to change anything with his treatment. He sees the Radiology doctor every Tuesday. This appointment usually lasts about 3 minutes. They just look at the sheet that Mark fills out and see that he answers “no” to just about every symptom, and the doctor looks at him, asks if he has any questions, and then we are on our way. Very simple!

I am doing okay with the medicine I am on now for my sciatic pain. It sometimes makes me a little sleepy, but at least it’s quiet and easy for me to rest when I need to while Mark is resting. I still hurt, but for the most part, it’s under control. My surgery will be on June 3rd. I am ready to get it done so that I can start healing and this pain will go away!

We have had great visits with Mark’s family and our boys on the weekends. My mom will be bringing them this coming weekend and then we will be home the weekend after that! Mark finishes his treatment on the 28th and we will move back home on the 29th. We are really looking forward to that! We really miss our boys. We have so much fun with them when they come visit. I think this past weekend was the best. We didn’t get to do what we had planned, but we had the BEST time just hanging out together. I laughed so hard and just had a wonderful time being with the little boys. We also got to go to The Rain Forrest CafĂ©, and the boys really liked that.

We have continued to be blessed with Gift cards and greeting cards. They mean so much to us! Mark has heard from people saying that he has influenced them in a positive way and made them turn back to the Lord. Mark said that if even 1 person comes to Christ because of his cancer, then it is all worth it to him, no matter the outcome. Of course, we are still praying for a miracle and I keep saying that right now I don’t have any reason to believe that God won’t provide that miracle, so I will keep praying and praising. We really appreciate all of the prayers that people are sending up for us. We can tell you that the prayers really help!


  1. Thanks for the updates. We continue to pray and hope to see you soon.

  2. You're posts are always so moving to me. Thanks for sharing, and know that you guys are in my prayers!