Monday, April 26, 2010

Doing Good!

There is not too much to post about this time. Things are going really well here in Houston. We have gotten into our routine here. I told Mark is feels like we are newlyweds again – living in an apartment and no kids.  We have been so blessed with people brining us meals that I’m really missing that now that we are here in Houston.  I’ve been making good use of our full kitchen in our furnished apartment. We did receive several gift cards for eating out, so we just rotate between using those and going to the grocery store and buying food for me to cook here. It’s working out really good.
Mark is still doing great with his treatments. He gets pretty tired and needs to rest a lot, but other than that, he’s not having any side effects. He still has his hair and he has not been sick to his stomach or anything. That’s a wonderful blessing! He had blood work done this morning, but we don’t know the results of that yet. I’m not sure that we will be told unless there is a problem with it, and then they would need to add or change some things.
We got to see our boys over the weekend. That was great! We took them to the Children’s Museum here. We had a good time there and just loved spending time with them. We picked up supper and rented a movie that evening. The next morning we had breakfast with them before they headed back to Frisco with Mark’s mom and his brother, John.
Mark’s parents said things went pretty good during the week that they were keeping them at our house. My mom is taking care of them this week. Carter does cry because he misses us, but I think it will get better as he gets used to us not being there. Colin is struggling with his faith right now. It’s hard for adults to understand why such bad things can happen to such a wonderful man, so just imagine how a 6 year old gets frustrated with not understanding it. We will just continue to pray for Colin during this time while we are praying for a miracle for his daddy.
I believe that is all that I needed to post about this time. Thank you all so much for the continued prayers!

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