Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebration with a Cancer Family

We met a really nice family in the radiation waiting room this week. Their adult son has cancer and today was his last day of radiation. At MD Anderson, when you finish treatment, you get to ring a bell and people clap and cheer for you. We went early this morning so that we could watch Brian ring the bell. It was so neat to get to be with this special family to help them celebrate this accomplishment. Brian will be having a major surgery in the middle of June that is expected to be 12 hours long with 5 surgeons. Please pray for this family as you are praying for Mark also.

My last post was more of an update than anything, so I just wanted to do another quick post to be sure to express our recent blessings. We found out that our housing expenses will not be covered, but we are being blessed by friends doing a fund raiser for us. It is so amazing to me that people are willing to help us out in this way, and they will never know how much it is appreciated! Also, Mark’s treatment is very expensive. We got the bill from just the hospital part of his surgery and it was $56,000! His chemo pills for 1 month cost over $12,000! So, I cannot express our thankfulness and how blessed we feel for our WONDERFUL medical insurance! God has certainly looked out for us in the area. Although we have to pay for it, the place we are renting is excellent for us. We have a full size kitchen so we have been able to prepare most meals here which cuts down on costs of food tremendously. The lady in charge of these apartments, Wendy, is so very nice. She drives us to the hospital each day and picks us up when we are finished with Mark’s treatment. That way we don’t have to pay for parking and it is so convenient! We are close to places where we can rent movies so we have some restful entertainment each day. We are very blessed with how well Mark is handling treatment! He is a little tired from Radiation treatments and his head hurts a little bit, but other than that he feels fine. He has not been sick to his stomach at all with the Chemo! We are so thankful for that. We see a lot of cancer patients here who have things really tough and it makes us really appreciate how well Mark is doing, thanks to God’s healing hand. We are also blessed with our amazing friends and family who do anything for us and are willing to take care of things for us so that we have nothing to worry about while we are here. So, those are a few of our recent blessings. Thank you again for all of your prayers and words of encouragement!

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